A Certain Scene


     Certain smells only go with certain sights. Like a water color heaven painted with the hues of a tub of sorbet is only completed by the warm, damp scent of watered grass and the air letting go of a storm. Certain combinations of scenes, scents and sounds only occur in certain seasons. Never will you hear the shrill chirps of birds fresh from their rain covers but in the Summer. Only when the day are long, the air is kind and embracing of the sun, only when the thirsty earth laps up the rain and the animals move through the dirt will the human girl stand outside, and smile.

Veronica A.


Plunging into Paleo

     It started around 1:00 a.m., the computer screen glaring at my long face. The depressing last third of the coffee not yet drunk, I looked drearily at my planner for one last, not too involved, sliver of homework to complete to make myself feel better about the lack of work done earlier in the day. "Research for Organic Chemistry final project." How dreadful could that be? Little did I know that this seemingly harmless jaunt into the scientific recesses of the internet would convert me to Paleo-ism.
    Yes, it really did happen. My topic of interest was Fructose, which led me to being enlightened about the Coca-Cola conspiracy and the undeniable harmful effects of sugar on the human body. This lecture made me rethink the foods I'm consuming and how my liver handles them.
     You may be internally screaming at me: "No! Not you too! How can you succumb to the diet fad!?" Your concern is not ill-founded. People often fall for the next, new, healthy thing to fix whatever life problems they have. But let me assure you, I still find plenty of opportunities to binge on ice-cream (Maplehofe's, of course, for my Quarryvillians) and I still succumb to Greek diner food when my aunt, uncle and cousin come to visit. It's good to enjoy life, but I've noticed a difference in my body since taking on the Paleo challenge.
       My skin is smoother, I don't have as many cravings for sugary and highly processed foods, and I don't get as much acne. It's pleasing to know that what's happening on the molecular level can be affected by what's happening on the macro level.
      If you are still not convinced and would like a smart, funny, Paleo smashing sympathizer, read this. If, on the other hand, you'd like to join me in experiencing the fullness of unprocessed foods, grab some almond flour and try this delicious pancake recipe or these satisfying lemon, poppy seed muffins.

Veronica A.


First Day of Work

      "Veritas Press, this is Veronica." I answered the phone. First day at my new summer job, and I was primed to answer some questions. Or at least I thought I was. That was until I realized I didn't know the correct response to Mrs. _____'s query. I scrambled to ask someone, awkwardly balancing a client conversation with a speedy, disconnected chat with my supervisor. My debut in customer service slid from glamorous to unsteady. It didn't help that I had contracted a cold.
     My second week in, I'm improving with each phone call. Never again will I underestimate the skill and effort of a company's customer service team.
     As this is my first time driving away to a real office job, I get excited when I have to alert my family members of my departure with the words: "I'm going to work." Furthermore, when I peek my head around the cubicle divide in search of an answer one my coworkers are generous in taking time away from their work to offer me tea and explain how to apply promotions to a customer's order. I couldn't have chosen a better environment. I know the excitement will wear off, but I'm going to milk my enjoyment of it for as long as I can. As much as it can be stressful when you are trying to reason with someone who wants free services and is not taking no for an answer, it's refreshing to be doing something other than Calculus corrections or French flashcards.

Veronica A.


Internet Friends


      I rely heavily on the internet. In fact, I need it. I go to school on chrome, I socialize on in Skype and on Facebook. I work through Microsoft Word and Gmail. But this isn't just because I'm a desensitized American Teenager, it's because the only way to talk to my friends is through a computer screen. I definitely don't prefer it this way, but it's the blessed and cursed life of a cyber school student.
      Last week I finally got to hug my friends. I find that seeing the person's actual height and associating the person's name with a face are the first two things that you have to adjust to. However, quickly you have to remember that you are teenagers and that you are not in school. Sometimes it takes a couple of awkward conversations to get comfortable with this new set of physically present human beings . But once you get over the difference in their voices when it's not coming through a microphone, you discover again how kind, intelligent and interesting they are. And then you realize how you're not alone in the world and that people really do care about you.

      I'm done with junior year and I have the coolest friends.

Veronica A.


Notable: Josh Garrels

      A friend recently recommended this song, "Ulysses", to me, which I fell in love with and promptly web searched the artist to uncover more of his work. Unknowingly, I was actually rediscovering a singer, who I had cued up on my first iPod when all my music was hand-me-down from my brothers. His raspy voice and folksy mix of guitar, xylophone and strings has been my jam for the few weeks. It was like uncovering Simon and Garfunkel again. Not only are his tunes worthy of a hipster playlist, his lyrics match in depth the likes of U2 and Eminem. Particularly his song, "Resistance." It encouraged me to trust the words of the Bible during a period of time when I was feeling very week and fragile. Although "Ulysses" is still my favorite of his.  "Resistance," "Pilot Me," and "Rise" are up there on my list.

  His most recent album is called Home, and you can find his website here: http://joshgarrels.com/.

Veronica A.


Greece & Italy {Part 6}

       Corinth was on our last day, but it was probably the most significant of all our destinations. This was where Paul preached and brought the word of God to the people. I was standing in a Biblical location, not to mention Corinthians is probably my favorite book of the Bible. The weather was perfect, which made the scenery more enjoyable. Even though it was our last day together, it seemed like a good place to end-- somewhere that we all had in common as Christians.
       That night, we ate at the Plaka again. Speeches were given and phones passed around for contact information. I will never forget this experience. It was intense, but extremely edifying.



Elisabetta, our fabulous guide

Veronica A.


Greece & Italy {Part 5}

In front of the Parthenon!
      We took a plane to Athens, Greece and there were many adventures that came with that. But arriving at the Acropolis, seeing Mars hill, passing the first Olympic stadium-- Greece held just as many treasures as Italy. Whereas Sorrento had masses of lemon and orange groves Athens was  covered with olive trees.
     When most of the sight seeing was done, we grabbed lunch in an outside cafe. I was refreshing to sit outside, eat some good food and be with really awesome people. But when the evening came, we got to dine at the Placa, which is like a little neighborhood of restaurants at the foot of the Acropolis. It's the place to be in the evening when all the Greeks are lounging on the steps outside drinking their wine and eating their Spanikopita. Somehow I got pulled into a ten minute display of my Greek dancing skills, but it made the night unforgettable.

An arm wrestling match in front of the first Olympic Stadium.
Gazing over Greece from Mars hill.
Under the olive trees.

Veronica A.