Problematic Hair Impulses

    Every so often, I experience a strangely strong urge to trim my hair. Once it was to get bangs another time to layer my brown locks. And if I can't get my mom to immediately satisfy my coiffure needs, I myself will attempt to give myself that Pinterest dream do. However, more often than not, I awake from my hair cutting trance in horrible realization of my grave mistake. Then I mope over to my mother and schedule a "fix the cut" appointment.
    That's what happened two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was going through a phase of craving long hair. So my trim-mistake was more drastically felt than on some of the other occasions. Nevertheless, I did get my mom to mend my errors and found that I was happy with the result.

I've also sworn off cutting my own hair.

Veronica A.


Just so you know...

    I thought I should make you aware that they are making a My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2! This earth shattering event makes me even more giddy than anticipation of the last installment of the Hunger Games, which comes out next week. It looks like, from the trailer, that they are using most of the original actors. And of course its brimming with loud, Greek, familyness. I know that I'm only a quarter Greek and our family is hardly the type to shout about each other's business in public, but I resonate with the Portokalos's.
   I've also included below two other trailers of movie which I'm excited for.

{1} My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 - Coming March 25, 2016

{2} Finding Dori - Coming June 17, 2016

{3} The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 - Coming November 20, 2015

Veronica A.


Am I Killing a Succulent?

     Pinterest filled my head with pictures of succulents. The little leafed plants were the perfect hipster, desk display. How could I resist the tiny cacti in their cute DIY-pots? I couldn't, I had to get one. So, I contacted the local succulent enthusiast in my church. She hooked me up with the most lovely collection in a clear, glass vessel. I thought I had succeeded and attained coolness of the utmost degree.
     However, tragedy came one day when I tried to separate the plants. Re-potting these fragile creations is not the easiest thing to do. Once I got them into separate, equally unique, containers, I found myself struggling to sustain their life. I never knew when to water them.
     Now, I have one left and I have an odd feeling that it is failing on me. Maybe the hipster desk was just not meant to be.

Veronica A.


Stream of Conscience College Application


     I've found myself challenged by these college applications. As I check the boxes and answer the questions, sometimes I find my mind panicking over the simplest of inquiries.

What is your favorite book?
Are you really asking me that? I've read hundreds of books in the past fifteen years. Besides what constitutes my favorite book? Is it if I've read it more than once? If so there is only really one book that fits that description and it's a novel that I'm positive most people  have not heard of, Beauty by Robin Mckinley. It's a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Maybe I should go with something a little more intellectual, maybe one that is known but not overused. Of course it should be something that I actually like. How about Frankenstein?

What is your favorite movie?
How on earth would I determine that? You are asking the impossible, oh college app! There is no way I could come up with one, in particular. Is it okay to use Terminator? Or, I know I'm a sucker for a good chick-flick, is one of those acceptable? Gah!!! This is too hard, maybe I should do this later. No. I must be diligent. I'll just go with one that I know was my favorite for a very long time: Safety Not Guaranteed. 

What is your favorite recording?
Do you mean song? Are you going to judge me on these answers?

What is your favorite website?
I think Facebook might be a bad answer. 

What is your favorite word?
Maybe I should put: Possum. Ooh, wait. Can it be a word in another language? If so I'd put "chameau." It's french, for "camel."

What is your favorite source of inspiration?
What if I told you it was eating ice cream? Would you believe me?

What is your favorite quote from a movie or book?
Oh, this one is easy: "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife." (Mrs. Bennet, The Pride and Prejudice) Hmmm...maybe not.

Veronica A.

(Sorry, for the absence. I was experiencing a severe work load)


My Taste Test List

      As someone who is trying avoid wheat, for the most part, I find myself craving that dense, warm, comforting feeling one gets when eating a piece of toast. This sensation tends to sneak up on me around 3 p.m. and eating fruit just won't cut it. A delightful solution to this problem is the myriad of Paleo muffin recipes out there, particularly this one. But while searching for alternate ingredient options for my original favorite foods, I've been steadily been coming up with a list of tasty creations that I want to try. Here are a few:

{1} Cauliflower Crust Pizza

I know that cheese is not technically paleo, but I make an exception for Pizza.

{3} Mini Frittata Muffins

Prosciutto-Wrapped Mini Frittata Muffins by Michelle Tam http://nomnompaleo.com

This would be a great study snack.

{4} Apple Cinnamon Cookies

I really wish I had more time in my life to cook.

Veronica A.


Thesis Struggles


    The culminating course of the Veritas Press classical education is Senior Thesis. A year long endeavor to produce something that reads intelligent so that you convince everyone that you learned something over the past four years. But until September, 2015, writing a 35 page paper was a distant mountain. And I was not ready for the massive wave of pressure and research I would have to jump into. For the Pinterest surfer, writing a thesis is imagined as donning a scarf, heading out to the local hipster cafe, buying a pumpkin spice latte and Instagraming a hazily lit photo of your coffee and empty word document before you start. But coming up with a topic to give your life to for the next eight months is no easy stroll through a leaf-littered park.
     As I lay sleeping Monday morning, my friend texted me this link as he was getting ready to present his topic. It's 20 PhD Students putting there theses is very simple and hilarious words. These are some of my favorites:

1. Does music express emotions or just elicit them? Read the next 200 pages to not find out. 

3. Nanoparticles are weird and I accidentally made a bomb and electrocuted myself.

17. People sometimes think about animals as if they're people. People like those animals a little more than regular animals. Except when they don't. I can't believe they gave me a PhD.

I will note that my friend sent me this at 4:43 a.m. EST, a balmy 1:43 a.m. his time.

Veronica A.


Forest Dwelling

     I feel like I'm living in a Dutch landscape. The sunlight crisply defining each changing shade of leaves. Cool air tightening the skin around my eyes as I absorbed the towering, green brush. Once I step down the path, every unsettled, dirty, nature mess becomes beautiful- the dying elm leaf is an article worthy of in-museum admiration.
    In the afternoon, this canopy is my wonder world. As the scenery common to many family vacations, I try to feel all the smells, sounds and sights of the wood; I don't want to lose my care for it. Now that it's first thing I see when I open my eyes at 6 a.m., I worry I'll forget that delight that I felt when I woke up in a tent with my family around me and the trees extending up over me. I miss camping with my pack. Now I look forward to sharing this lonelier wood with them when they come home.

Veronica A.