Greece & Italy {Part 2}

          Touching the same rock that has stood in Pompeii for almost 2,000 years was one of the highlights of the trip. As a little kid, I had a level 4 reader that immortalized the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in my mind. I still remember staring at the pictures of people, horrified, running away from the flaming mountain. Pompeii became like a favorite childhood destination. Yet I only know about it because it was destroyed. It is one of the most well preserved and oldest cities of Roman antiquity.

The professional theater of Pompeii
Original wall art

      A boat ride away after a quick slice of pizza, Capri welcomed our troupe onto its vibrant and splendid shores. My eyes feasted on the pink and blue and yellow homes stacked on top of one another. No wonder the Roman emperors loved coming here for their vacation, it was heavenly. Though the skies were slightly overcast when we visited, the numerous hues of white evoked the a lazy, beach town feel. 

        To kill time, we threw a Frisbee on the beach. An group of Italian teens were hanging out near by and one of them wanted to play a little with us. It was cute seeing him try it out for the first time--did I mention all the boys there have very nice haircuts?

Some of our own hanging out on the rocks.

       We took a cable car up to the second level of the city, and the view was stunning. The richness of the Italian colors mixed with the majesty of the natural cliffs was pure delight. Aesthetically, Capri is the place to be.

Myself, my dad, and my mom.

Veronica A.


Greece & Italy {Part 1}

      3:50 a.m. to my body, but the sun was just rising in Munich, Germany. Free cappuccinos from
Lufthansa airlines were welcome treats for my sleepy limbs. Even though my head was groggy, I was excited to be with new and renewed friends on this overseas venture. Sun flooded the airport, through gigantic glass windows surveying white, glimmering planes. Twenty minutes till we boarded and were on our way to Italy. The epic had begun.

       The first thing that impressed me was the color. Although people in Italy mostly wear black and grey, their cultural color emanates from their houses and food. Flying in, I saw a landscape dotted with red-brick roofs. My first day I tasted true Italian pizza- it's true; it's better than in America. We slept in the city of Sorrento for the first two nights. It was classic-tiny streets, frequent gelato shops, metalwork balconies and motor bikes everywhere.

      On the cliffs of Sorrento, gazing at the glittering Mediterranean, I finished my first day enjoying Italy. New friendships taking root around me, I soaked in the last sun rays of the day. Elisabetta, our guide, told us this was where the sirens called out to Odysseus. At last, I had come to the land of the ancients. The next day was Pompeii and Capri. I was so ready.

Veronica A.



      Dear Friends,

As I mentioned before, I will be departing for adventuring in Italy and Greece this week. Thus, I was unable to prepare a post for tomorrow and probably for next Wednesday as I will be flying home then. I apologize, but promise many photos and stories upon my return.


Veronica A.


Potato Post

      Did you know if you write an address on a potato, stick on the right number of stamps and put it in a mailbox, the postal service will send it? How do I know? I got one.
      Yes, my dear friend from school, thought this would be an appropriate way to express her affection for me. It is the strangest and best thing I have ever received through the post. But it testifies to how much online students will do for each other, even if they live on opposite ends of the country. My contact at the post office told me this is not really supposed to be done...but what's one to do with unwanted potatoes?

Thank you, Erica.

Veronica A.


At the 18 Overlook


  "You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall." ~ Psalm 18:28-29

     I never really thought I'd make it to 18. It seemed like a distant thing that would pass without actually happening. But now that it has come, I've become aware of the phenomenon known as growing up. Not that I would presume to call myself an adult or to say that I have somehow reached the top of the mountain. But I am at a higher overlook and I can see more.
    Honestly, it feels exciting. Gazing over my past below me, like a valley beside a summit, I realize how far I've come yet how much more is ahead of me. God has been good to me and I will go on following him, because he turns my darkness into light.

Trekking on,

Veronica A.


A Real Passport


      I was sitting in Calculus class, my mind was wandering. As I reclined in my felt, blue office chair with my multi-colored, mis-matched stocks resting on my desk, my teacher's voice transmitted clumps of numbers and signs through my ear buds. Then my phone rang.
     Rarely does anyone call me, unless it's a wrong number or it's my dad. But today, it was Grandma. She was phoning me to say she was paying for me to go to Greece and Rome. That was it. I was hopelessly lost between math functions and prospects of seeing the Parthenon. I threw out my dream of being able to afford a plain ticket to Europe along with my dream of going to Hogwarts many ages ago. Yet, here I was in the middle of Math class, being told that I would be visiting Pompeii over Easter week. My life was radically changed.
     Originally, it was just my parents going, since they were asked to chaperon a trip that my school was putting together for some students. But my dear Grandmother got wind of it and wanted to send me too. I don't think I'll ever recover from her generosity.
     Now, one of the benefits of traveling overseas is the necessity of a passport. I cannot tell you how excited I was for this. From a young age I have dreamed of getting one. I created passports for my dolls and one for me out of navy construction paper and a stick-figure self-portrait. So, when I received the little blue book in the mail this past week, I was elated. There is truly nothing like this.

P.S. Lots of pictures will be shared here when I return after Easter.

Veronica A.


Musique Fran├žais

     Being a French student this year, I've learned not only how to say my phone number and describe my clothing in another language, I've gotten to experience the sounds of another culture. Almost every class session, my peppy teacher brings a video to show us, either of a musician or a short movie. And I wanted to share some of my favorite artists so far.

1. Coeur de Pirate - This particular version gives me the shivers.

2. Zaz- This musician has such spunk and when she sings, she sings with spirit.

3. Patrick Bruel-There is a certain kind of musical grace that comes with age. I think that is why listening to him is so satisfying.

Veronica A.