Road Trip Snippets {Part 1}

This twenty-five day odyssey across the west turned out to be a very eventful and widening experience.  I believe my family has returned home unscathed by the adventures that we endured together, I can say for certain that I enjoyed my time on the road and would not mind doing it again.  However, should I endeavor such a stupendous excursion again I would adjust some of the preparations.  I compiled some of the memorable moments of my family's "Farewell to Childhood Tour" (as my dad called it, due to dropping my brother off at college) coupled with a photograph.  We started in New York drove west, hit Yellow Stone National Park and ultimately, the Grand Canyon.  

"Hey, bring your pants there might be a horse to ride after church." Hans, a friend from school, told me as we got ready to leave for church in Hays, Kansas.  It had been years since I had sat astride one of these majestic beasts and I was eager to get a chance to do it again.  However in a corral in the backyard of a church of men in their cowboy boots was not the place I expected to be given that opportunity. Nevertheless, soon after the service ended we stood around the fences as each of us took a turn on Fancy.

It's so cold! First night in Yellow Stone National Park and we were not prepared for the elevation's raid on our warmth.  All of us woke up with shivers. Tad, Enoch and I all woke up before everyone else and thought it'd be nice to build a fire. Discovering the absence of any fire wood we took a bright, morning walk down to buy some at general store which was situated near our campground.  I was so excited when I discovered they sold hot coffee.  

The thin air gushed down my throat as I lept down the sloping, muddy trail in the lush forests of the Colorado Rocky's.  Racing after my brothers who have longer legs and stronger lungs, but I didn't stop. My chest hurt. The beauty of the forest rushed past me and I prayed that I wouldn't slip, any false step could mean a broken ankle. 


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