Lined Envelopes DIY

I get so excited when I see my name scribbled on the front of an envelope. Hand-written letters are no longer the primary means of communication, as a result they have taken on an iconic beauty.  They don't have subject lines, like emails, so you don't know what's inside until you open it. Letters take time to write and shape, thus the receiver knows that the sender put effort into it. And the joy of seeing someone's personality manifest through his or her own handwriting is all the more notable as we get sucked into an age of IM's. Pretty paper lining the envelope is an easy addition and a lovely surprised for the opener.

You'll need:
{1} Colorful paper
{2} Envelopes
{3} Scissors
{4} Pencil
{5} Glue

1. Trace the envelope on the desired lining paper.

2. After cutting out the trace, trim the top by drawing a thin band, about the size of the dried glue strip, and cutting it off. You might want to try slipping the paper into the envelope just to make sure it fits.

3. Apply glue to the back of your paper.

4. Insert the lining and press.

5. Now you're ready to send a letter!


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