Cure for School Blues

      First day back to school, after Thanksgiving break, was uncomfortable. Not only did I drag myself out of bed in the morning to be greeted by an empty pot of no-coffee, I was shocked out of vacation mode when I recalled the several major assignments due on the impending Friday. It was a most displeasing turn of events. Nights with open books began to look a lot longer. 

    On a sweeter note, fellow students and sympathetic friends, the dark hours of homework will not pass in complete dreariness. I found the perfect study snack to cure school blues, while scrolling through Pinterest on an important yet independent study of food (recipe here). Brownie in a Mug, is gratifyingly easy to concoct and it is devilishly tasty.

     If you are a drinker of coffee, try dropping a scoop of vanilla ice cream in your next warm, dark, brew, for a delightful variation on the common all-nighter dram.

Happy studying!


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  1. This looks delicious! I keep meaning to try the brownie in a mug thing, and now I think I will. I love that Trader Joe's caramel sauce!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail