DIY: Valentine Tea Bags

     As I grow up, I'm becoming more aware of my own emotional, uncharted territory. Just this past year I walked down the path of loss and learned the kind of love that grows in authentic friendship. Not that I had never experienced affection or appreciation, but I came to understand what it meant to truly cherish someone. All this to say, I have a new-found regard for Valentine's Day. I don't see it as a day for couples to lavish each other in excessive lovey expressiveness, rather it's a day to be reminded of the people who are important to you.
     I originally found this project here and jumped on the opportunity to send a few lovely people a little surprise this coming February 14th.

You will need:
1) Pretty Paper
2) Stapler
3) Scissors
4) Coffee Filters
5) Loose Tea
6) Glue
7) Large needle and twine/string
8) Chocolate (To munch on while creating the tea bags)

{1} Start by folding the coffee filter in half and cutting a rectangle shaped section out, roughly the size you want your tea bag to be.

{2} Begin sewing the two sides. When you sew the second side leave some string on the end so that you can finish stitching the bag shut and have some extra for the tail.

{3} Once you've sewn up both sides, drop some leaves in your bag.

{4} Stitch across the top. Then fold the edges in to create the tea bag shape and staple them in place.

{5} Now you can add a tag to the end of your tea bag string. I cut out hearts and glued them together, sandwiching the twine.

{6} And you are done! I put mine on a card so that I could send it to someone as a Valentine's gift

Have a lovely week!


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