Happy Fourth of July!

Did you know that the Deceleration of Independence was not signed until August 2nd. All that happened on July 4th was the approving of the document.

Did you know that George Washington was the only founding father to become president who did not go to college. John Adams was a graduate of Harvard, James Madison went to Princeton, and Thomas Jefferson got his degree from William and Mary.

Did you know that the two youngest people to sign the Deceleration of Independence were Thomas Lynch, Jr. and Edward Rutledge. Both were from South Carolina and both were twenty-six when they signed the document.

Did you Know that nine of the men to inscribe their name on America's Deceleration died before the war of Independence ended.

Did you know that George Washington gave the shortest Inaugural address in the history of American presidents on March 4, 1793. It did not exceed 133 words.

Veronica A.

Facts gathered from constitutionfacts.com

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