Solanco Fair {The Grounds}

       When I saw the vegetables, I knew that I was in Hobbiton. Not only were perfect pumpkins and gigantic sunflowers judged. Rather ordinary looking bales of hay and stalks of corn got their own blue ribbons. I'm still in bewilderment over this practice, but the custom truly shows the nature of this community. As Galadriel says, gardeners here are held in great regard.

Apparently, someone always brings a gigantic pumpkin. 
One of my favorite parts was the myriad of flowers people entered.
 I'm having sewing skill envy.
Then there were the animals. 

As various tractors approach the flag man, with their weighted vehicles, you begin to lean forward to try to get the farmer machine to go further as the weight it pulls increases. The practice of tractor pulls sounds quite boring, but it's almost as mesmerizing as people watching.

I enjoyed the marathon of farmer goodness, but what really stayed with me was the barbecue. Herr's BBQ with a milkshake is possibly one of the most wonderful things I've ever eaten. Perhaps it was the atmosphere, but I have never enjoyed fair food so much. I'm looking forward to next year.

Veronica A. 

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