Setting Up for Christmas


       Every year when I mention getting a tree. My dad replies: "Do we really need to?" And I emphatically respond: "Yes!" 
       Despite my annual custom of decorating the house, it's not the act of hanging the bizarre reindeer ornament that gives me joy, it's the memories that accompany the environment of a decked living room. Having my family with me, brothers and all, makes me want to sing "Hallelujah." God is so good. Just the memory of falling asleep to the sight of a lighted Christmas tree in our New York apartment, fills me with nostalgic affection for the holidays. 
       The only real reason I can enjoy this season so much, is that I know that no matter how the next year turns out, my family and I have been secured by Jesus' coming to earth. He has established joy in my life and by his blessings I have seen His goodness in the land of the living. 

Veronica A.

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