A Free Verse

Confessing to Fairy Lights
By Veronica Andreades

What does it mean to be a fairy light?
You’re not alone, you twist on green or white,
Do you begrudge the lamps that stand on desks?
Do you desire to be a solo show?

Or is the friendship best for your bright clan?
Stars do not glow alone, but all at once.
The sun befriends the moon to share the sky
Are you the troops that battle back the night?

Is it against your will to keep some pride?
You hang from nails, adorning my white walls,
Can this explain your rich humility?
You light the way that leads to lands of dreams.

You make me think of secrets that I hold,
Some things I don’t wish anyone to know.
My ink black coat conceals the girl within;
I am a pink-clad princess in disguise.

Veronica A.

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