Plunging into Paleo

     It started around 1:00 a.m., the computer screen glaring at my long face. The depressing last third of the coffee not yet drunk, I looked drearily at my planner for one last, not too involved, sliver of homework to complete to make myself feel better about the lack of work done earlier in the day. "Research for Organic Chemistry final project." How dreadful could that be? Little did I know that this seemingly harmless jaunt into the scientific recesses of the internet would convert me to Paleo-ism.
    Yes, it really did happen. My topic of interest was Fructose, which led me to being enlightened about the Coca-Cola conspiracy and the undeniable harmful effects of sugar on the human body. This lecture made me rethink the foods I'm consuming and how my liver handles them.
     You may be internally screaming at me: "No! Not you too! How can you succumb to the diet fad!?" Your concern is not ill-founded. People often fall for the next, new, healthy thing to fix whatever life problems they have. But let me assure you, I still find plenty of opportunities to binge on ice-cream (Maplehofe's, of course, for my Quarryvillians) and I still succumb to Greek diner food when my aunt, uncle and cousin come to visit. It's good to enjoy life, but I've noticed a difference in my body since taking on the Paleo challenge.
       My skin is smoother, I don't have as many cravings for sugary and highly processed foods, and I don't get as much acne. It's pleasing to know that what's happening on the molecular level can be affected by what's happening on the macro level.
      If you are still not convinced and would like a smart, funny, Paleo smashing sympathizer, read this. If, on the other hand, you'd like to join me in experiencing the fullness of unprocessed foods, grab some almond flour and try this delicious pancake recipe or these satisfying lemon, poppy seed muffins.

Veronica A.

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  1. I want to do it. How do I get started? (I sure hope Mac & Cheese is on the list) :P