Forest Dwelling

     I feel like I'm living in a Dutch landscape. The sunlight crisply defining each changing shade of leaves. Cool air tightening the skin around my eyes as I absorbed the towering, green brush. Once I step down the path, every unsettled, dirty, nature mess becomes beautiful- the dying elm leaf is an article worthy of in-museum admiration.
    In the afternoon, this canopy is my wonder world. As the scenery common to many family vacations, I try to feel all the smells, sounds and sights of the wood; I don't want to lose my care for it. Now that it's first thing I see when I open my eyes at 6 a.m., I worry I'll forget that delight that I felt when I woke up in a tent with my family around me and the trees extending up over me. I miss camping with my pack. Now I look forward to sharing this lonelier wood with them when they come home.

Veronica A.

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