If I Can't Have a White Christmas, I'll Take a Misty One


      The older I get, the more I realize that most Christmases are not white. It's a cruel ideal that people put into your head when you are younger, but it is as unreal as Santa Clause. Snow may not even come until January! I know this is a mild winter, but I can't help but feel cheated every time Christmas comes and it's not magically powdered with white outside. I've given up on it snowing. But I'll take mist!
      Yesterday, my mom and I motored up to town to finish up some shopping. Having moody weather helped created a holiday feel, even though I hardly needed my coat. The soft haze that covered the forest in the morning and that accompanied us to town, made me able to just imagine that it was time for Christmas.
      We visited Central Market and then meandered over to the cutest little shops set up in a nearby lot. The vendors were selling men's handmade wallets and classy candles. Also, the most delicious caramel, sea salt chocolates.

My mom bought some Baklava and Pies, I bought some tea and jam. It was a good outing and I'm beginning to feel ready for Christmas

Veronica A.

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