Just A Monogrammed Mug

      After all the cooking is done and all the champagne toasting is over, the post-holiday blues set in. Just kidding, I didn't drink any champagne. But I still got that funk when you feel like you should be high off receiving that special bedspread you wanted, but you aren't. You try to be thankful, but you always go back to hopelessly scrolling through Facebook.
     Even though I found myself mostly disappointingly glum when I got home after break, there was one gift that gave me an inordinate amount of pleasure. It was a cheap, white, ceramic mug from Michael's (yes, the craft store). My mom and I were finishing up shopping for Christmas and I picked it up from a discount basket. I longingly looked at the "V" on it. My mom asked me if I wanted it. It was only $3. I felt silly, but my mom placed it in the car anyway. Christmas morning I unwrapped the inexpensive gift and added it to our mug collection. Sometimes it's not the big, flashy things that are going to make us happy, it's the little touches (mom, I still love the bedspread). 

     I've always wanted to have a monogrammed mug.

Veronica A.

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  1. That mug is beautiful. I too actually got a mug with a B on it! 'Tis the season for frequent mug use.