The Power of Chopping

      Chopping vegetables, or fruit in my case, can be very inspirational. This past Saturday I found myself with a disconcerting amount of spare time. I turned to food (preparation) to stave off boredom.  In a moment of brilliance I realized I could slice up the small, older apples that no one was eating and create apple crisps by dehydrating them. Why my mom has a dehydrator is a tale for another day.  
      Consequently, for an hour or two I stood at the counter top drinking coffee and slowly slicing apples to the humming fan of the dehydrator. As I arranged the pieces on various racks, my mind silently churned. Earlier that day I hit a writing block while applying to scholarships. Yet, here I was,enveloped in chopping apples and composing the winning opening to my essay. Suddenly, I seemed to get a rush of inspiration and wanted to photograph everything in sight. Of course, the problem was, my hands were sticky and wet. So for the rest of my chopping time, I alternated between being absorbed in thought and washing my hands so that I could write something down.

If you are having trouble with an insolvable problem, I would recommend food preparation. 

Veronica A.

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